SME Investments

NIB’s business investment accounts are the ideal accounts to help you earn interest on surplus cash whilst having uninterrupted access to your funds any time or you can choose to fix funds for a set period of time.

Either way your interest is calculated daily and deposited straight into your account monthly or on maturity.

  • Call Deposits
  • Fixed Term Deposits
  • Offers low risk: Fixed deposits offer low risk as they are backed by Bank of Ghana
  • No Fees: There are no set up or maintenance fees
  • SME Investment Accounts helps you control impulse spending and helps you plan for the future
  • NIB call accounts offers competitive interest rates whilst allowing you full access to your funds.
  • Fixed deposits have a tenure of 91 Days, 180 Days and 365 Days
  • Risk Factor may vary depending on the type of investment chosen
  • Usually no fees apply to most of NIB SME investment products