NIB Privacy Policy

Who is covered by this policy?

All visitors (“visitors”) who visit the site and provide information to National Investment Bank online are covered under this Policy.


Information covered by this policy

This Policy aims to cover both information gathered by the bank server from the visitor’s browser and any information given by Visitors to National Investment Bank online.


The features of the policy:

  • All information gathered will only be used to deliver the best services available to the Visitor.
  • The Information shall not be disclosed to any external organisation unless such disclosure is necessary for National Investment Bank to perform services for you, to compile a transaction or credit report, or unless such disclosure is necessary or required by applicable banking regulations or by terms and conditions agreed to by National Investment Bank with respect to such Information. It goes without saying that confidentiality rules that apply to banks must be followed. National Investment Bank may also exchange information with third parties in order to provide you a variety of offers and better services. If you want National Investment Bank to restrict this sharing so that you aren’t informed about offers that are accessible, please get in touch with us.
  • NIB will use the information to personalise the user experience on the website and provide follow-up offers to users on goods they would find interesting.
  • Website of NIB employs cookies. A website may keep brief data files on your device called cookies. We utilise persistent cookies, which are stored on your computer permanently and are used for profiling and non-personal information (such as browser, ISP, and operating system information) (age, gender, income etc.). Despite having distinctive identifying numbers, cookies SHALL NOT be used to store personal information (name, account number, contact information, etc.). By displaying pertinent material when feasible, we will use the data collected in the cookies to enhance the visitor experience. In order to make it easier for visitors to navigate the site, we will also store visitor preferences using cookies. NIB also may disclose information about you as permitted or required by law.

At NIB, we value your relationship and will at all times strive to ensure your privacy.



Your information’s security is our top priority at National Investment Bank. Your information is protected from unauthorised access and use, modification, and deletion using physical, technological, and administrative safeguards that adhere to the applicable legal standards. To make sure that your transactions remain private, we have put in place both internal and external control procedures.


While Internet Banking is simply a different banking channel that we provide for the convenience of our clients, NIB has evaluated the risk from both an operational and a technological and security standpoint. The following list includes some of the dangers we have taken into account:


From an operational standpoint, consumer transaction authentication is a critical risk area. We have set up a multi-level process as a precaution, whereby customers can only conduct Internet Banking transactions if they are legitimate account holders and then by using a combination of a special Customer ID and a special, randomly generated password that is known only to the customer and that he or she can change as needed. The consumer is responsible for protecting the privacy of the password. Additionally, clients are only permitted to conduct financial transactions across accounts if they already have regular operational permissions to do so.


Another danger that has been discovered is the consumer rejecting the transaction. However, in order to conduct transactions, clients must first log in using a specific Customer ID and Password combination. Highest industry standards for security have been adopted by the Bank, and they are continuously evaluated to address any emerging security concerns. Our data centre has a specialised crew that monitors the financial systems around-the-clock.


The operational and internal control measures we have in Internet Banking include:


Access to Internet Banking provided only based on application and valid customer ID. Internet banking password – issued to customers only on specific request.


OTP – generated using an internationally validated algorithm via text message.


Access to customer information – given based on a combination of a unique Customer ID and password.


Therefore, a customer can access account information only on those accounts where he has a relationship with the bank (Account Holder). Wherever, the customer has opted to avail the third party fund transfer services of the Bank, the bank provides a window for transfer of funds to any account holder within the bank and who does not share any relationship with the customer’s account. All correspondence on account of transactions originating from Internet Banking is sent to the customer’s address registered with the Bank and not to any third party address. Account related customer information or instructions which are confidential in nature are not solicited/accepted over email. Customer logins and activities are tracked and the same is available for future investigation.


National Investment Bank follows a strict policy of Backup, Storage and Retrieval for all its systems, which includes Internet Banking.



While we do make every effort to ensure the security of every information/data on all our electronic channels and media, NIB makes no warranties, whether express or implied that there are no cybersecurity or related risks whether to the information shared here or in your access and use of this or any other channel services the Bank may provide. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept liability of any kind (direct, indirect, consequential) which may arise which may arise from your use, reliance or access to these channels, except there is a clear negligence on our part.