International Banking

Foreign Currency Accounts (FCA)

These accounts are mainly funded with remittances from abroad. Generally, balances on such accounts can be freely transferred without restrictions. FCA can be opened in these foreign currencies: US Dollars, Euro and GBP.


Foreign Exchange Account (FX)

This account is funded internally from cash lodgments or credits from other foreign exchange accounts in Ghana or inward remittances. Generally, balances on these accounts cannot be freely transferred without the necessary supporting documentation. Cheques can be issued on both Foreign Currency Accounts and Foreign Exchange Accounts.


Home Bound Account

This product is designed for Ghanaians resident in the United Kingdom with special emphasis on those who have not regularized their stay. It is a Cedi Account, however, if an applicant decides to open a Foreign Account under the same dispensation, the Bank has the right to do so under our existing procedure of opening Foreign Account.



The following can be accessed at NIB:

  1. Establishment of Letters of Credit on your behalf for all your imports.
  2. Pre/post shipment credit facilities.
  3. Pre financing of imports



  1. Negotiation of Letters of Credit documents.
  2. Offering of pre/post shipment loan facility for exporters.



  1. NIB can receive and handle shipping documents sent on documentary Collection basis.
  2. Settlements of bills for collection on maturity and other foreign trade payments.



  1. These accounts are funded mainly out of remittance and can be withdrawn in any NIB branch with no charge. I.e. if withdrawal is in Cedis. 2.5% charge is paid when withdrawal is made in said depositing currency.
  2. The accounts are opened in the following foreign currencies.
  3. US Dollars
  4. Euro
  5. GBP etc.
  6. Minimum balance to be maintained in these FCA accounts are
    • USD 100 EURO 60 GBP 50
  7. No initial deposit is required to open this account
  8. Transfer into and from these accounts, could be utilized to undertake the following transactions.
  9. Advance Payments
  10. Documentary Collections
  11. Establishment of letter of credit.



These are funded internally from cash lodgment or credits from other foreign accounts in Ghana or inward remittances.

  1. Minimum amount to open an FEA account are:
    • USD 300 EURO 300 GBP 200
  2. Minimum balance to be maintained in these accounts are:
    • USD 100 EURO 60 GBP 50

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