Mobile Cash Management Services

With the Mobile Cash Management Services, the Bank undertakes door to door cash collection and cash payment at customer’s convenience.


Domestic Money Transfer

NIB provides Fast intra-bank and inter-bank transfer of funds to both customers and non-customers. With our Wide Area Network (WAN) system this is done instantly or within the day. There are no service charges for customers of the Bank.


Funds Management

NIB, with a core mandate as a fund manager and having being registered by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) as a Pension Fund Custodians, over the years have managed provident funds for major companies in the country. We have returned superior yields for these companies over the years.


Our impeccable records in the industry for over fifty years has enabled us manage funds and provide custodian services efficiently for these institutions. We also possess a formal Custodian Licence issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for this function (please find attached). NIB have a strong ICT platform/interface which would be used to efficiently manage your fund. 


Major Institutions for which NIB manages funds for include but not limited to the following:

*      SSNIT

*      Ghana Armed Forces

*      Nexans Kabelmetal Ghana Ltd

*      Dangote Cement Gh Ltd

*      Ghana Police Welfare Fund

*      Volta Red Farms Ltd

*      Volta Red Ltd

*      Ghana Cocoa Board

*      Ghana Revenue Authority

*      Ghana Water Company

*      Metro Mass Transit

*      State Insurance Company

*      Audit Service

*      Quality Insurance Company,

*      Donewell Insurance Company

*      National Lottery Authority

Our experience gives us the assurance that we are the best company to manage your company’s provident fund.


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