Mobile Cash Management Services

With the Mobile Cash Management Services, the Bank undertakes door to door cash collection and cash payment at customer’s convenience.


Domestic Money Transfer

NIB provides Fast intra-bank and inter-bank transfer of funds to both customers and non-customers. With our Wide Area Network (WAN) system this is done instantly or within the day. There are no service charges for customers of the Bank.


Funds Management

NIB has a vast experience in the management of funds. Using its leading position and knowledge in the market and its close relations with the world’s reputable financial institutions, NIB has been a market leader in arranging and providing funds from various sources for on-lending to productive enterprises.


The Bank has also managed a number of funds on behalf of the Government of Ghana. The Timber Sector Rehabilitation Project is the most important fund managed by the Bank on behalf of the Government under the Economic Recovery Programme. The objective was to provide foreign exchange funding to timber companies to enable them purchase timber equipment, vehicles & spares and raw materials for the rehabilitation and reactivate of dwindling and idle capacities.

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