NIB Supports the Cardiothoracic Centre

The Cardiovascular System consist of the heart, blood vessels and blood. This system’s function is to transportation of nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells through the body. Incidentally it is not every individual who has a smooth functioning of the heart because of defects as a result of diseases.

The cases of heart defects, especially hole-in-the-heart, is on the increase, with the statistics reaching one (1) out of a hundred (100) children being born with the defect. In all each year 5000 patients get treated for different heart conditions. The minimum cost for a heart surgery is pegged at GHc25,000 which is beyond the reach of the average Ghanaian.

It is for this reason that the Ghana Heart Foundation was formed to mobilize funds to help pay for the cost of surgery and treatment of patients who cannot afford this.  Currently the Ghana Heart Foundation supports 50 to 100% of the cost of Heart Surgeries.

The Head of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Charles Wordey, accompanied by some representatives of the National Investment Bank (NIB) presented a cheque of GHc30,000 to the Centre on Thursday 31st August, 2017. This donation is in support of the good work of the Cardiothoracic Centre at Korle-bu and in response Centre’s appeal for support. The Director of the Cardiothoracic Centre Dr. Lawrence Agyeman Sereboe expressed gratitude for NIB’s contribution.

He said there were 18 children awaiting surgery and added, that if 1 million individuals will contribute a minimum of GHc2 each, monthly, it will enable the Centre treat a minimum of 50 cases each month.

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