2017 Customer Appreciation Week Celebration Ends with the Launch of the Fast Link Service

The 2017 Customer Appreciation Week (CAW) of the National Investment Bank (NIB) was last December climaxed with the launch of the Fast Link Mobile Service. The celebration held annually, is aimed at acknowledging the diverse backgrounds of the Bank’s customers and to show appreciation for their unflinching patronage of its products and services.

During the week-long celebration preceded by a health walk, both Management and Staff hang their everyday suit and ties, and put on apparels customers are typically seen wearing in their fields of endeavor. Some of the staff are on such occasion seen dressed as medical doctors and/or nurses, military and/or police officers, traders, farmers, etc. Top Managers during the celebration also take up customer service roles including tellering, personal banking, among others and customers who visit the Bank during the period are presented with special gifts all in a bid to make them feel appreciated.

The 201 CAW which was under the theme “Enhancing Customer Relationship” also saw the launch of the Fast Link Mobile service to enable customers access their account details, make fund transfers from one account to another within NIB, and among other banks, pay utility and other bills7, among others using their mobile phones by dialing *710#.

Speaking at the cocktail, Board Chairman Togbe Afede XIV emphasized NIB’s resolve to pursue its aggressive expansion saying it is key towards improvement its market share, accelerate financial inclusion and the maximizing shareholder value. He said “NIB is poised to enhancing its support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as they hold the key to job creation and economic development.”


Some of the customers after the cocktail expressed their delight about the annual week-long CAW saying it makes them feel extremely special. They therefore, pledged continuous patronage of the Bank’s products and services.

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